Kink Crate is a monthly subscription box service, for adults, that contains kink and BDSM products, personal items, candy, stickers and other creative treats. Every month, for less than $50 (which includes shipping) your Kink Crate will be packed with 5 to 9 items, a kinky new theme, as well as the informative Kink Crate Handbook. Multiple crate options are available for every kind of couple and they also have a “single ladies” crate. There’s no contract, so you can join or quit anytime you like.

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ONE Condoms products are uniquely designed for safe, healthy, enjoyable sex between caring partners.

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SwingTowns, also called “the world’s friendliest dating site,” is the most inclusive platform for non-monogamous people out there. It’s a completely sex-positive environment where any straight, cis-gendered, or queer-identifying individual can feel confident asking for what they want. That could mean swinging, expanding a polyamorous dynamic, finding friends with (or without) benefits, or something entirely different! With millions of REAL members, it’s easy to find exactly who and what you’re looking for at

Since 2003, Good Clean Love ​has been helping women enhance their sexual pleasure and improve their reproductive health, all without toxic substances like petrochemicals, parabens and hormones found in most personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products. We were the first company to develop an organic personal lubricant which was named the safest lubricant on the market in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study. Working with scientists from Johns Hopkins University, we developed Bio Match™, a revolutionary formula in our feminine hygiene and vaginal care products that matches optimal vaginal pH and salt balance. And we keep on innovating to improve the lives of women of all ages and stages.


At Tracy’s Dog they’re “reinventing sexual wellness for the modern woman”. Their mission statement is “Life for a modern woman can get overwhelming. Career. Relationships. Children. Obligations & Responsibilities. We feel you and we’re here to help. When every other thing in your life gets complicated, orgasms shouldn’t be one of them. And sometimes you just need a little help for them to happen.” 

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GUN OIL® lubricants offer the longest, most consistent glide a man can get. We at GUN OIL® present to you our full suite of high quality silicone-based, water-based, hybrid gel, and masturbation cream lubricants designed to cover your every bedroom need. Whether solo or with an eager partner, GUN OIL® always delivers a highly satisfying sexual experience while elevating the vital expression of masculine fulfillment.

Pink® offers you a wide range of different lubricants and aids that can supplement or replace too little or missing natural moisture. All our products are manufactured with the greatest care to ensure a pleasurable and fulfilling experience from the sensuous encounter. The high-quality flacons with a stylish feminine allure perfectly complement the night table, the bathroom or the handbag. They are all very easy to use, safe, gentle and long-lasting, so you can fully meet your sexual desires alone or with your partner. PINK® offers products with a variety of ingredients and compositions, all designed to meet different needs and preferences.

For sex and so much more. Überlube was created with sex in mind, but the formula is so pure and perfected, why limit it to just one area of your life?