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During Prohibition in the 1920’s and 1930’s, people had to whisper special codes to get into backdoor establishments to drink and dance. This kind of establishment became known as a Speakeasy. As we enter the 2020’s, we’re seeing an entirely different type of prohibition emerge: a prohibition on any content deemed sexual in nature, including sex education. Many people still regard sex education as illicit and inappropriate, even though research shows us time and again that sex education is lifesaving health and wellness information, and prohibitive messages around sexuality do significantly more harm than good. This prohibition on open discussions of sex looks like abstinence only education, escalating censorship policies online and in other media, and other increasingly tight limitations on what we can talk about and how we can talk about it (even in adult spaces).  There’s a collective refusal to acknowledge that sex is pleasurable and that every human, at every age, is a sexual being (to some extent or another) and deserves medically accurate, honest, pleasure-based sex education based on their actual needs. 

Sex Ed Speakeasy is about acknowledging that sex is a natural part of human existence, sexuality is an important part of human identity, and we all deserve honest, medically accurate, pleasure-based information about our bodies, our behaviors, and our relationships.