About Professor Sex

Professor Sex is pleasure-based, empirically-backed (scientifically sound), medically accurate, anti-racist sex education with an intended adult audience. This means that, among other goals, we celebrate sexual variety and fluidity. We prioritize education that is affirming (not just inclusive) of queer and marginalized sexual identities/communities/behaviors (i.e., non-heteronormative, non-mononormative, non-procreative; aka: queer, kink/BDSM positive, fetish positive, non-monogamous, pleasure positive). We believe sex should never be compulsory, and people should always have the choice to engage in sex that provides them pleasure. Consent is a core foundation of our message, and discussion about consent may also include discussions about rape and assault. We believe in challenging assumptions about sexual orientation, behavior, and identity.

We believe in a holistic view of sexuality and sexual activism that actively includes dismantling oppressive systems of power like patriarchy and white supremacy. Because marginalized identities have been heavily politicized and institutionally oppressed, we believe it’s impossible to ignore political issues while engaging in responsible sex education and discussion around this. We ascribe to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definitions of sexual health, sexuality, and sexual rights. For more on this, visit the WHO website.

Professor Sex was created by Angel Russell, CSE and Steven Russell and has grown and changed dynamically since we launched in 2016. For more information about our team, check out our bios.

Who is Professor Sex for?

Professor Sex content is for anyone interested in understanding sexuality and gender from psychological, medical, scientific, and social viewpoints. While some of our content is perfectly appropriate for audiences 13 and up, we primarily educate with an adult audience in mind. Consent matters, so our content does carry the explicit tag on Apple Podcasts and YouTube for those who do not wish to hear any cursing or candid conversations around sex. Guardian discretion for minors is advised. If you see something you like, but would like us to adapt or tailor it to your audience, please let us know. 

Content Notice:
In Professor Sex content and at our events, we have very frank conversations about sexual health, sexual identity, sexual behavior, and relationships that could potentially be triggering or challenging to some individuals.
Read more here: Explicitly Stated Reasonable Expectations for Professor Sex Content

Content Format

Professor Sex creates and curates content across multiple domains in myriad formats. You can find us on social media, in numerous lifestyle-specific virtual spaces, and listed as a resource and partner to some of the best content providers and sexuality professionals in the industry. We create blog posts, written material, videos, podcast content, online and in-person lectures and workshops, one-on-one consulting for individuals and professionals, product reviews, and much more. We create custom content for an array of clients including, but not limited to: academics, educators, medical and mental health professionals, pleasure professionals, resource providers, relationship experts, spiritual wellness providers, and lifestyle groups. To see the types of events we’ve hosted and education we’ve provided, check out our event page.

Ask us about creating custom content for you.

Launch & Release Schedule

Professor Sex social media content and discussion forums are updated daily. Other content comes out on a rotating schedule, and updates to those schedules will be made here as they become available. 

Partnership Options

Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) Post Sponsorship​
  • Includes post and story across all social media accounts for Professor Sex. 
  • One post per platform to target over 28,000 individuals interested in sexual health, wellness, and relationships.
Sponsored Blog Post
  • Receive a featured blog post on the ProfessorSex.com blog.
  • You can provide the content for the post, or we can draft the post for you. 
​Sponsored Blog post plus Social Media post and story
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​Podcast Sponsorship
  • Receive one pre-roll and one mid-roll promotion on the “Sex from A to Z” podcast. 
  • Pre-roll plugs will typically be <1 minute and the mid-roll ad will be about 2-3 minutes. 
  • These can either be completely pre-scripted/pre-recorded and inserted, or introduced as part of the conversation in the episode.
Podcast ad, Blog Post, and Social Media
  • You can choose to receive all of the above!
​Custom Content
  • In addition to, or in place of, sponsoring content we’re creating, you can request custom content catered to your needs. 
​Sex toy and other product reviews
  • We are excited to work with manufacturers and distributors from all over the world! Ask us about partnering on a product review! 

Contact us to discuss a partnership: info@professorsex.com.


​​If you would like to ask us a question, comment about something you watched or heard, ask to be a guest on our show, invite  us to be on your show, are interested in a sponsorship or just want to say “Hi!” please let us know.​