Pleasure Based, Inclusive Sex Education for Grown-ups

Our educators are specialized professionals with expertise in myriad areas of sexual health, pleasure, and wellness. We conduct public and private events that range from educational to entertaining including lectures, workshops, guided discussion, corporate and medical professional education sessions, and interactive social experiences. 

We also have professionals on our team with extensive experience conducting sex education specific community outreach programs and events and we are happy to bring those services to your city and/or organization.

Popular Presentations

Beyond the Binary: Understanding and working with gender diverse individuals and communities.

In this two-part series we will explore foundations of understanding gender diversity and how to be a good ally.

Gender Diversity Part 1:
·      Important concepts and definitions
·      Gender vs. Sex
·      Pronouns and Gender Affirming Language
Gender Diversity Part 2:
·      Challenging the Gender Binary
·      Understanding Microaggressions
·      How to be a Good Ally

Sex Ed Speakeasy:
Examining the modern prohibition against sex education

During Prohibition in the 1920’s and 1930’s, people had to whisper special codes to get into backdoor establishments to drink and dance. This kind of establishment became known as a Speakeasy. As we enter the 2020’s, we’re seeing an entirely different type of prohibition emerge: a prohibition on any content deemed sexual in nature, including sex education. Many people still regard sex education as illicit and inappropriate, even though research shows us time and again that sex education is lifesaving health and wellness information, and prohibitive messages around sexuality do significantly more harm than good. This prohibition on open discussions of sex looks like abstinence only education, escalating censorship policies online and in other media, and other increasingly tight limitations on what we can talk about and how we can talk about it (even in adult spaces).  There’s a collective refusal to acknowledge that sex is pleasurable and that every human, at every age, is a sexual being (to some extent or another) and deserves medically accurate, honest, pleasure-based sex education based on their actual needs.

Sex Ed Speakeasy is about acknowledging that sex is a natural part of human existence, sexuality is an important part of human identity, and we all deserve honest, medically accurate, pleasure-based information about our bodies, our behaviors, and our relationships. We will talk about the nature of sex ed prohibition, what it looks like in modern society, how it impacts our lives, and what we can do to receive better support from lawmakers, administrators, and other professionals.
This keynote is fun, engaging, and interactive.Code word to get in the door: [changes by event]

The Science of Sex Education

Due to a lack of federally mandated sex ed standards in our (US) education system (and many others), most adults never received comprehensive, sex positive sex education that met their needs. Many of us relied on the internet, Cosmopolitan or Maxim magazines, our friends, and porn or erotica to help fill in the gaps. Learning to have sex by watching porn is like learning to drive by watching the Fast and the Furious. It’s not realistic and or representative of most of the sex and relationship experiences people have in real life. This is a sex ed class for late adolescents and adults that includes anatomy, the psychology of arousal and desire, risk awareness, consent, and more. This is a comprehensive, medically accurate, empirically based talk that emphasizes pleasure and autonomy and is delivered in a way that’s inclusive and affirming of all identities and relationship styles. This can be adapted for individuals as young as 13. 

A (grown-up) Toy Story:
The Sex-Ed You Didn’t Get Growing Up

We have classes available to help us learn to adult in all aspects of our lives from cooking to driving, from applying for jobs to applying our makeup. We live in the information age and we are inundated with How-To and DIY instructions on virtually everything. Yet, it seems that there is a desert of quality resources when it comes to reliable, medically accurate, pleasure-based education about sex and sexuality! This interactive, hands-on workshop is a great place to start. Get ready to talk about anatomy, desire, arousal, foreplay, and intimacy aids (lubricants and sex toys, yay!) and health conditions that make all this important. Learn ways to figure out what you like and how to negotiate those things with your partner(s) in a safe and affirming way (aka: enthusiastic consent). We will explore some of the tools and resources you have available to you to develop a healthy, safe, rewarding sexuality that YOU define.Bonus: There will be free condoms, lubricant samples, and other fun giveaways. This workshop is ideal for intimate groups and easily adapted for parties (a big favorite for bachelorette and bridal showers.

Talk Data to Me:
Science, Sex, and Mapping your Desires

We are going to talk about the neuroscience behind arousal, desire, and how to effectively approach “spicing up” your sex life. Whether you’re single, newly dating, or in a long-term relationship, and whether you come alone or bring your lover(s) along, there’s something in this workshop for everyone. This interactive workshop also includes a fantastic game of foreplay, creative sexuality, and self-discovery that will leave you with a menu of options for your next play time. You’ll also have all the tools to go forth and recreate the magic so you can play this game alone or with as many friends and lovers as you like as often as it pleases you!

Slippery When Wet: All about lube!

Choosing a lubricant can be sticky business. Different situations (and parts of your body) call for different lubes, and not all lubes are created equal. With the overwhelming number of choices, how do you choose the right one without wasting a ton of money on the wrong stuff?! Whether you’re new to lube or an experienced lubester (yes, it’s a word, I just made it up), this workshop will give you in-depth knowledge into how to decide which lubricant(s) are right for your play time. We will sample lots of different types of lubricants and talk about how those interact with your body, your toys, your barrier methods and more! Bonus: Everyone who attends will get samples of many different types of lubricant to take with them so you can start to play right away! 

Sex Ed 101

These classes provide definitions, examples, discussion about psychology and mental health, resources and more. These are frequently offered to counseling and social work graduate students, educators at all levels, members of the mental health and medical communities, and parents, guardians, and other caregivers to help them better understand and support their clients, students, and loved ones. Some frequently requested topics include: 

  • Sex and gender 101
  • BDSM/kink 101
  • Polyamory and non-monogamy 101
  • Sexual orientation 101
  • Gender identity 101

​​These talks can also be expanded and adapted for folks looking to explore their own sexual identity, gender identity, relationship dynamics, and more.

Custom Themed Events

These interactive events cover a wide variety of topics and be adapted for varying age groups and contexts. These events allow participants to travel throughout the space provided and visit different educators and stations set up to offer specialized sex ed content. They can be conducted as a single event or a series of workshops. Some examples include:

  • Let’s Taco ‘Bout Sex
  • Sex-Ed Things: A Stranger Things themed event
  • Mischief Managed: A sex-ed event for muggles and magical folk
  • Sex-retary: A kink sensations event 
  • The ABCs of Kinky Sex
  • ​The Naughty Librarian: Sex Ed Book Club

Many additional themes can be created and customized to create the perfect event for your needs. Please reach out to discuss this in greater detail.

Talks, Workshops, & Other Events

An extended (but not exhasutive) list of the events and workshops we’ve conducted, along with descriptions, is included in this downloadable PDF. Please note, events can be customized and topics not listed here can be covered. 

Event Calendar

Our event calendar is currently located on Facebook for folks who wish to attend publicly accessible events in their area. It should be publicly viewable even if you don’t have facebook. If you’re not able to view, please reach out and let us know.

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