Sex-Positive, Inclusive, Medically Accurate, Scientifically Informed, Pleasure Based Sex Education

I am currently under superivision with an AASECT (American Association of Sexual Educators Counselors & Therapists) Clinical Supervisor in the process of becoming a Certified Sexuality Educator

I am now accepting  clients for private coaching and education  at greatly reduced rates to satisfy the requirements for my contact hours for this certificaiton. 

If you are one of the following... 

  • Individuals or Couples/Polycules seeking personalized sex and relationship education
  • Folks seeking dating advice or help writing online dating profiles
  • Individuals seeking support and resources for issues of sexual orientation or gender
  • Mental health professionals or physicians seeking professional consultation and collaboration
  • Teachers and instructors seeking guest speakers or guidance for classroom settings (adult learning or K-12)
  • Parents looking for advice and education about age and developmentally appropriate ways to talk to children about sex, gender, identity, and relationships
  • Individuals in BDSM or power exchange relationships looking for support and guidance
  • Someone with questions about sexual health, pleasure and intimacy looking for information and resources

...please reach out to me using the CONTACT form or send an email to [email protected] You can also reach out to me using any of the social media links included.

To request a copy of my CV or other information, please use the CONTACT form.

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