Hooking Up at the Best Swinger Site for Queer People with SwingTowns

Hooking Up at the Best Swinger Site for Queer People with SwingTowns  

Online dating is more popular than ever, but most sites and apps need to catch up when it comes to inclusivity. Too many claim to be welcoming of all without really putting in the work to make their communities feel that way. 

For example: how many dating sites take queer identity into account when prompting users to display their gender or sexual preferences? And how many go beyond the typical LGBTQ labels to give those in lesser-known categories (genderqueer, asexual, etc) validity? 

The answer is: a startlingly few. 

The good news is that where many popular dating apps fail to give non-monogamous queer folk the safe space they deserve, at least one is picking up the slack: SwingTowns.com.

The Best Swinger Site for Queer People

SwingTowns, also called “the world’s friendliest dating site,” is the most inclusive platform for non-monogamous people out there. It’s a completely sex-positive environment where any straight, cis-gendered, or queer-identifying individual can feel confident asking for what they want. That could mean swinging, expanding a polyamorous dynamic, finding friends with (or without) benefits, or something entirely different! 

Even top rated dating apps aren’t gonna cut it for the queer folk of our world simply due to the heteronormative thinking on which many of these apps are based. Sexuality is a spectrum with many different possibilities, but society still makes us feel like we shouldn’t discuss it openly. This is reinforced by dating sites which don’t take everyone into account, from how they match users to even simply foregoing the options they need to accurately express themselves. 

That’s why SwingTowns exists: to give everyone a platform to openly and proudly explore their sexuality however they wish to (consent first)!

While other dating apps might reduce your identity to a short bio and some boring selfies, SwingTowns gives users all the options they need to express themselves as people and as sexual beings. This means sexy NSFW photos, longer bios, specific gender & sexual orientation identification, and much more!

What Real Users Have to Say

Since its launch, plenty of mediocre imitators have tried and failed to deliver what SwingTowns has been serving up since way back in 2001. They asked some of their users why they think straight and queer people alike flock to their community when they have other options these days. According to Gia from Wisconsin, the answer is simple.

“SwingTowns gives me the freedom to express myself sexually in an environment that is safe, reliable, and very fun! I’ve met some great people who have become real friends. I love meeting new people and SwingTowns is the place to do it!”

Tasha from London added, “SwingTowns is an amazing site that honestly lets you BE YOU — the real you — with no judgement. It is BY FAR the best site out there for couples, singles, and anyone else interested in the lifestyle.”

Sharon McCutcheon

That’s what makes SwingTowns great: their community is real, active, and SEXY AF. It’s a safe space to be exactly who you are and to find exactly what you’re looking for in new partners. Whether you’re looking for young couples, cougars, daddies, or something else, you’ll find just that and more at SwingTowns — and you’ll know exactly where to party with them using SwingTowns’ uber sexy event calendar

It’s simply the #1 place to go for anyone active or interested in non-monogamy.

When you’re ready to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies, you know what to do: sign up for your free membership at SwingTowns.com – the world’s friendliest dating site. 

Note: This guest blog post was sponsored by SwingTowns.com

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