SAGE: Sex and Gender Education from PFLAG of Jacksonville

Angel and Steve have recently partnered with PFLAG of Jacksonville to create the SAGE Program. Angel has taken on the role of Director of Sex and Gender Education.

The SAGE Vision

PFLAG of Jacksonville aims to create a network of local LGBTQ+ and ally business owners and professionals that work together toward a common goal of creating more compassionate, inclusive, and affirming experiences for queer folks who conduct personal and professional business in our community.

We will accomplish this through the newly launched SAGE (Sex and Gender Education) Program. The goal of the SAGE Program is to serve local retail and business professionals, healthcare professionals, news and media organizations, and other professionals, in businesses both large and small. We also offer training for faith-based organizations, family and guardian groups, educators, and one-on-one consultations. Our goal is to increase LGBTQ+ cultural competency across Northeast Florida.

You can find some of our educational videos here.

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