10 things to include in your safer sex toolkit!

Annie Spratt

One of the number one reasons that people don’t use safer sex barriers is that they simply didn’t have them when they needed them. Sometimes folks assume the other person will have what they need, and some folks are hesitant to keep barriers and other things they might need on hand because of the stigma associated with sexual activity. There are also some gendered social messages on who should carry what (like men should carry condoms and women should carry birth control) that leave a lot of your sexual safety in the hands of someone else. Let me assure you, anyone who would judge you for taking full measures to care for your sexual health and wellbeing is not worth worrying about. Take ownership of your sexual safety by making yourself a safer sex toolkit. It’s a fun, easy, and empowering way to make sure that you’re always prepared to get caught with your pants down.

What kinds of things are handy to include in your safer sex toolkit? Let’s explore! 

Note: Every single one of the following options can be an excellent and worthwhile consideration for folks of any gender or sexual orientation! Also, this list doesn’t include everything you might need, because all our sexual needs are different, but these are certainly some fantastic starting points to get you on your way. 

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