Professor Sex Presents: But What About Jealousy, Though? (A FindPoly Piece)

“To feel any of your emotions, you have to feel all of them. You can’t just feel the good ones.”

– Nina Hartley, porn star


Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Polly and she was married to the very handsome Prince Paul. They had been married about 6 years and, feeling a bit restless, they decided to explore the kingdom a bit and see if they could find anyone who wanted to engage in some royal playtime with them. In no time at all, Princess Polly was having a drink in the local pub when a strapping lad approached her and asked her to dance. Prince Paul, who had been having a jolly good time courting a giggling young maiden across the room, saw his fair wife swooning in the arms of this new chap and became filled with rage. When they got home that night, he was huffing and puffing. In a fury, he put his royal foot down and decreed from that day forward Princess Polly was only allowed to date mistresses, matrons, and maidens fair. Polly was heartbroken. She did love the ladies, but had plans to play with the fella from the pub tomorrow and would surely be disappointed to cancel them. She tried to appeal to her husband, but his mind was made up. He simply couldn’t bear the thought of her sheath wrapped around anyone’s sword but his own. 

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