Podcast Appearance: Professor Sex and STI’s on Probably Poly

Jonathan Farber

I had the sincere pleasure of joining Michael and Mandee for Episode 40 (Professor Sex and STI’s) of Probably Poly.

A few important notes about the episode:

We are talking about sex, STI’s, disclosure, and ethics in a *non-monogamous context and to a non-monogamous audience*. Because ethical non-monogamy operates differently than monogamy, there is some discussion about the challenges non-mono folks face deprogramming socially reinforced monogamous relationship messaging. We also talk about some of the myths around monogamy as it relates to sex ed, sexual health, and the spread of STIs. Sometimes this can feel as though it is disparaging toward monogamy for folks who aren’t used to these conversations. That is not the case. Monogamy is a super valid and healthy option for folks who engage in it ethically and with consent. If you’re monogamous, I still invite you to listen to this episode, as I believe there’s a lot for anyone to learn, but please listen with that in mind.  <3

Secondly, this may not be an episode you want to crank up at work or with young children in the car (totally up to you, but there are frank discussions about sexual behavior and sexual health).

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Third, I’m not a doctor. I have some expertise around these issues but that should not replace a relationship with your healthcare provider. Even though I do my best to stay in my lane and speak in good faith from my expertise or experience, I know that I sometimes make mistakes. Additionally, research on these issues is vast and the landscape shifts frequently, so statements made on this podcast may have been true to the best of our knowledge when we made them, and newer, better information may come out in the days, weeks, months, years that follow. Please verify any statements made on this show with a trusted physician or healthcare provider and discuss how they may apply to you, your health, and your needs. 

Okay, now those notes are handled, here are the deets on the episode from the folks at Probably Poly and info on where you can listen (please consider sharing this with a friend) :

This week Angel Russell aka Professor Sex of ProfessorSex.com joins us to discuss the ethics of STI testing, treatment, and disclosure. As well as best safe practices for safer sex and STi testing. This super long pre-holiday episode features our new sound software made possible by the generous donations of our listeners. Thank you so much all those who have donated.

Listen on Soundcloud at: soundcloud.com/probably-poly/professor-sex-and-stis

Or iTunes at: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/professor-sex-and-stis/id1416912320?i=1000458916159

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