Overcoming Writer’s Block

Darrell Cassell

I am sitting on the balcony of a hotel in Daytona Beach. I can smell the salt in the air and taste it on lips. I can hear the roaring crash of the waves only a few feet away from me. Behind me is a sleek, modern room. A blue, velvet sofa sits next to a lush king-sized bed draped in thick, soft, blindingly white linens. The lighting is warm and inviting. The bathroom is sprawling and has a glass shower large enough to fit at least three people. This is the perfect scene for nearly any erotic rendezvous – real or written – and yet, I am completely stumped. It’s almost too perfect! I realized that if someone can feel a creative block in an erotica writer’s wet dream of inspiration like the one I’m in now, there’s no hope for us mere mortals trying to squeeze in a few minutes of writing time while our kids are at soccer practice or after a 10-hour work day.

So, whether it’s the best or the worst conditions for writing, what do you do when you need to work and the words just won’t come? Here are just a few things that help me.

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