Neon Moon: Games for Bondage, Bullets, and Body Paint

“Moon is a superstar to a neon light
Both are in doubt of their lifeless plight 
One envies the sun, the other one’s scared 
But to face the dark they’re always prepared” 

― Munia Khan

A note about what follows: This was originally written for a Kink Crate* box that included several glow in the dark toys. If you’re reading this on the blog and didn’t get this crate, you can recreate these games with bondage tape or other restraints, dirty dice, a bullet or other vibrating toy, and if you don’t have body paint, chocolate syrup, eyeliner pencil, or lipstick will do nicely! To get the glowing ambiance, head to your local party store or dollar store and stock up on glow sticks to create that Neon Mood mood (but remember glow sticks are external use only). I hope something here lights up your imagination. 

I enjoy sex with the lights on as much as the next girl, but there’s something deeply erotic about turning out every light and relying on your other senses to delight and arouse. This month’s crate – full of its black restraints and playful, glow-in-the-dark toys – invites you to do just that. So, turn out the lights, grab your glow toys, and electrify your playtime. Bonus tip: I encourage you to break out your blacklight (or invest in one if you don’t have one already) and really make the most of what this exciting box has to offer.

A few notes about safety before you begin:


Be careful with bondage. Don’t bind too tightly – check in regularly with your bound partner to make sure they’re not feeling numbness, tingling, or any other signs that they should be released.

h heyerlein


(These) Bullets are for external use only. Raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I (your name), do solemnly swear that I will never ever ever, never ever ever put this bullet up inside me (or my partner).” These bullets are on an electric wire that is not made to be pulled from inside whichever tight hole you push it up into. The wire will break and, depending on where you’ve put it, you’ll have an embarrassing moment at best and a trip to the ER at worst.

Body Paint:

Body paint with caution. It’s possible that paint like this – even though it’s safe for bodies – could cause irritation to some of your most sensitive parts – or even a yeast infection if you get it up inside your body. A little bit of body-safe paint on twixt your nethers should be no big deal, but don’t mistake this product for lubricant.

Daniel Monteiro

May the Force be With You.

This activity is all about orgasm control – and forced orgasm. Using the collar and cuffs, restrain your partner. Roll the dice and use what comes up as inspiration to torture your bound submissive. Bring in the bullet and the other toys in your crate to tease your partner and bring them right up to the edge of orgasm – make them beg and beg – but don’t let them cum. Finally, when they can’t stand it anymore, force them to orgasm. If your partner can have multiple orgasms, use this opportunity to torture their sensitive bits into wave after wave of ecstasy, all at your command. Create tally marks on their chest or belly in the neon paint to count up all the orgasms you deny them in one color and all the orgasms you allow in another.

Sharon McCutcheon

Hot Mess.

Put down some white sheets – preferably ones you don’t mind getting paint on. Paint the palms of your hands and the palms of your lover’s

hands. Cuddle, wrestle, roll around, and make out. Then grab the UV light and look at the beautiful rainbow you made on your bodies and on the sheets. (Glow in the dark body paint for this activity can be found HERE. Reminder not to get it inside your body and to wash thoroughly after you’re done.)

Owen Kemp

High Roller.

For each roll of the dice, one of you will be the top (giver) and one of you will be the bottom (receiver). Decide before you roll. Using the results of the roll as inspiration, describe exactly what you want to happen. For example, if you roll “lips” and “Lick” and decided that your partner was the top, you might say “I want you to kiss and lick every inch of my body starting at my toes and not stopping until you get to my lips.” If your partner rolls “massage” and “nipples” and decided you were the bottom, they might say, “I am going to tie you up and then give you a sensuous full body massage, paying extra attention to your nipples, and you are not allowed to cum. I will stop when it pleases me.” The more creative and descriptive you can be, the better. Don’t forget you have an entire crate full of fun toys to use in your game. There are no losers here, only winners.

Kirill Balobanov

Guessing Game

Blindfold your partner and have them hold the bullet up to their genitals and turn it on. While they pleasure themselves, finger paint on their chest or belly. They get three tries to guess what you painted. They can’t cum until they guess right. When they get to three or guess correctly, switch places! (This activity works SUPER well with chocolate syrup.)

*This first appeared in the Kink Crate handbook. For more information on Kink Crate, go HERE.

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