Good Vibrations: Four Games For Your Vibrator*

Happy February! You’ve just opened your KinkCrate and discovered a fun, fancy new vibrator. Congratulations, you’re in for some good times – alone and with each other. There are endless ways to play with your new toy together. Here are four games you can play alone or with your partner(s) to get the most out of your vibrator.

High Roller

Aldric RIVAT

You’ll need:

One die (you can use a traditional six-sided die or go to a gaming or comic book store and grab a fun 8 or 20-sided die like those used in Dungeons and Dragons).

A pen and paper

Your vibrator

Set up:

Get a pad of paper and assign a body part to each number on your dice. If there are two of you, each of you gets three numbers.

For Example: 1 = Nipple

2 = Head of penis

3 = Vaginal opening

4 = Clitoris

5 = Anus

6 = Wild Card

You can make this all about sensual massage by adding body parts like neck, shoulders, and glute muscles, super sexy by focusing on your erogenous zones, or mix it up!


Roll the die twice. The first roll determines which body part you’ll use the vibrator on, the second roll determines how long (in minutes) you’ll use the vibrator on the aforementioned body part.

Bonus tips:

This can be played solo for a super fun way to engage in self-love or in a group of two (or more!).

If playing with a partner, take turns using the vibrator on each other OR use it on yourself and let your partner(s) watch!

Decide BEFORE you roll if you/your partner will be allowed to orgasm during each turn.

Walk the Line

Casey Horner

You’ll need:


Your vibrator

Optional: ties (ex: rope, tape, bondage straps, etc.) to bind your lover and keep them from wriggling away


This one is simple. Tell your partner that you are in control and they must ask you for permission before they get to cum. Use the vibrator to tease your partner and bring them to the very brink of orgasm, but right when they start to beg, switch to a new spot to tease them. Adding in a blindfold keeps them guessing where you’ll end up next. Watch them wriggle and squirm and see how long you can drag out the teasing before you give in to their pleas and let them explode.


Some bodies will respond to attempts at forced orgasm. This works best on bodies with a clitoris, as they don’t usually need as long a refractory period as bodies with a penis might. After your partner has finished, keep pressure and vibration applied to their clitoris and keep them cumming over and over again.

NOTE: this can be very painful, which some people enjoy and others do not. Don’t just spring this on an unsuspecting partner. Negotiate ahead of time to make sure everyone is willing to experiment with forced orgasm, and establish a safeword you can use to stop the action if someone needs a break.

Showered in Pleasure

Karla Alexander

You’ll need:

Warm Shower

Your vibrator


Bring your new waterproof vibrator with you into the shower (alone or together). Take turns getting each other nice and clean. Then allow the warm water to wash over you while you massage, tease, and please each other using your hands, mouth, and your new toy. Take penetrative sex completely off the table and see how creative you can get by exploring each other’s bodies in new ways.

Netflix and not-so-chill


You’ll need:

Bondage tape, rope, a scarf, a neck tie, the tie from a robe, or some other soft-tie item

Your vibrator

Set up:

Tie the vibrator firmly to your (or your partner’s) inner thigh, way up high so the tip is nestled snuggly against their most sensitive bits. Select your favorite show to watch.


Literally… push play. Push play on the show and on the vibrator. Periodically lean over and change the speed and vibration pattern. Keep your legs closed (or, forbid your partner from spreading their legs). See how long you (or your partner) can go without cumming. When your partner is ready to cum, make them beg for it.

Do you have other ways you like to play? What are some of your favorites? Send me an email to share some of your ideas with me and maybe I’ll pass them along to my clients!

About the Author:

Professor Sex, aka Angel Kalafatis-Russell (they/them; she/her) is a queer, kinky, polyamorous, sex and relationship educator, scientist, and activist. They are an MSPS (Master of Science in Psychological Science) graduate student and research sexologist at the University of North Florida. Additionally, they are currently under supervision by the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) to be a Certified Sexuality Educator. Angel is deeply passionate about sex-positive, inclusive, medically accurate, scientifically informed, pleasure-based sex education. Angel is a certified yoga instructor, avid coffee drinker, and uber-geek (Slytherin). They are currently accepting new clients for sex and relationship education consultations. They can be found in a number of places online, so it’s best to start at and go from there.


*This article first appeared in the January 2018 KinkCrate handbook.  For more information or to subscribe to KinkCrate go to

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