Episode 6: S is for Sexting!

Rob and Angel review research about teen sexting and talk about parental control. They unbox some sex toys. They chat about swinging and

online dating. Sponsored by Swingtowns.com and Tracy’s Dog Sex Toys.

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The Article: 

✪ Jonathon J. Beckmeyer, Debby Herbenick, Tsung-Chieh (Jane) Fu, Brian Dodge, Michael Reece & J. Dennis Fortenberry (2019) Characteristics of Adolescent Sexting: Results from the 2015 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 45:8, 767-780, DOI: 10.1080/0092623X.2019.1613463

Manthan Gupta

Parent Resources:

Sex Positive Families

Sex Positive Families Resources Page


Additional Reading: 

✪ Screenwise: Helping kids thrive and survive in a digital world

✪ Raising a Screen-Smart Kid: Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age

✪ A Smart Girl’s Guide: Digital World: How to Connect, Share, Play, and Keep Yourself Safe (A Smart Girl’s Guides)

✪ How to Text Girls

✪ How to Text Boys

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Professor Sex (online services and local services)

WoCSHN Directory

Kink and Poly Aware Professionals Directory

AASECT: Find a sex educator


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This episode was sponsored by Tracy’s Dog.


At Tracy’s Dog they’re “reinventing sexual wellness for the modern woman”. Their mission statement is “Life for a modern woman can get overwhelming. Career. Relationships. Children. Obligations & Responsibilities. We feel you and we’re here to help. When every other thing in your life gets complicated, orgasms shouldn’t be one of them. And sometimes you just need a little help for them to happen.” We agree!

They make a wide array of toys, but their specialty is luxury toys that focus on external clitoral stimulation. 

Tracy’s Dog Giveaway Details:

Those generous humans are giving away 5 of each of the toys we unboxed – 

Mommy Seahorse (MS) (top photo)

Baby Seahorse (BS) (bottom photo)

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AZ Scale for this article was 2.8

Description of the AZ Scale: 

⊗ Rigor: 0 = Significant methodological flaws; 4 = No methodological flaws

⊗ Sex Positivity: 0 = Pathologizes sex or sexuality; 4 = Affirms sexuality as diverse

⊗ Inclusivity: 0 = Perpetuates stigmas or stereotypes; 4 = Affirms queer communities and other marginalized communities

⊗ Writing: 0 = Confusingly written; 4 = Well written and clear

⊗ Comprehensiveness: 0 = So narrow in focus that is unhelpful; 4 = Includes all relevant features of topic

(Angel’s Total Score + Rob’s Total Score) ÷ 10 = AZ Score

⊗ To figure out YOUR AZ Score, total them and divide by 5. Share your score with us! Let us know what you thought of ours. 

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