Angel Russell, aka ‘Professor Sex,’ joins as Director of Education

SAN FRANCISCO — Angel Russell (aka “Professor Sex”) has joined the team as Director of Education.

“ is moving a step ahead in crafting an empirically backed sex-ed platform,” said a rep. “Sex education plays an instrumental role in the present epoch. Even though there is an abundance of information floating across diverse platforms, most people fail to find the correct guidance and resource person.”

Russell, the rep explained, is an American College of Sexologists-certified sex educator with “more than 10 years of experience as a sexuality educator; they are also a sexuality education provider for the Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health. They have experience working with the editorial board for the Journal of Counseling Sexology & Sexual Wellness. They will assist in taking their sex-positive guidance platform further by focusing on education.”

Russell said they are “deeply excited to be working with”

“Bringing medically accurate, pleasure-based, empirically sound sexuality education to a new and wide audience is truly lifesaving work; work that has been my lifelong passion,” they continued. “We’re already reaching a global market of folks who are connecting with this work in positive, meaningful ways. I see that reach expanding; creating a premier resource that meets people where they’re at and gives them the tools they need to have rewarding, healthy, positive relationships with others and, more importantly, with themselves.”

A veteran collaborator, Russell has played a pivotal role in creating the “Back to Basics” series, according to the rep, and currently serves as the host of “Light My Fire,” a global workshop focusing on building relationships.

“Light My Fire” is scheduled for July in the U.S., the U.K. and India.

“We are thrilled to have Angel in our team,” CEO and Founder Shakun Sethi said. “Angel has been working with us closely for quite some time. Along with Angel, will be expanding its guidance platform with the active collaboration of sexual experts. It will be an initiative from the industry for the industry.”

Under Russell’s leadership, the platform will be “creating new initiatives to spread awareness and guidance, and providing opportunities for other sex education professionals to create courses in the near future,” the rep concluded.

For more information, visit and follow the platform on Twitter.

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