90 Minutes in Child’s Pose is Still Yoga - an Elephant Journal Piece

I recently finished a 200 hour teacher training.

I signed up on a semi-whim; after a brief Google search I registered for training at a Baptiste studio in Jacksonville, the first program that was available to me. I was nearing the deadline to apply so I spent a whirlwind 24 hours making phone calls, securing funding and filling out paperwork. After submitting the application I had some time to process the decision I had just made (I know, that’s usually something people do on the front-end of a major decision).

I almost immediately suffered a bit of a meltdown. It started to hit me that I had only been practicing yoga for less than a year (inconsistently at best) to Ultimate Yogi 108 videos on my bedroom floor. I also found out about an hour after signing up when I called a friend to rejoice, that Baptiste yoga was hot yoga. WTF?!?!

I had never even taken a studio class, let alone done hot yoga. Well, that’s not entirely true. I tried to do 108 sun salutations on my back porch one steamy Georgia morning. By the time I did about twenty-seven of those I was drenched and sticky and miserable and decided to fuck-that-shit and went inside. I laid under my ceiling fan with the AC on high. I was sure I was dying. It had only been about 80 degrees at the time so when my friend said Baptiste yogis practice at 90 degrees (on purpose) I started to think maybe I’d made a mistake….

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