9 Tips for Starting a Home Yoga Practice - an Elephant Journal Piece

22 Apr, 2014

9 Tips for Starting a Home Yoga Practice - an Elephant Journal Piece

When I signed up for teacher training, I thought one of the best reasons to become a yoga teacher was that I would be getting paid to practice.

I assumed that I’d be practicing all the time and I envisioned my-six-months-from-then-self as a long, lean, lulu model with near acrobatic abilities.

That bubble was was burst quickly when I learned that Baptiste teachers don’t practice with the class (so that we can stay present for our students and be in the best place to speak to safety and alignment). In fact, the more my teaching schedule fills up, the harder and harder it is for me to find time for my own practice.

I’m learning now, more than ever before, how important a home practice is to me.

Yoga has more benefits than I have time to explain right now, but in just the short time I’ve practiced (roughly two years) I’ve noticed my health improve, my energy skyrocket, and my focus sharpen.

I sleep better at night and I’m seeing increases in my strength, flexibility, patience, emotional awareness and stability, confidence and self-esteem.

And when I fall out of alignment with my commitment to my practice, I feel the effects immediately.

Starting a daily home yoga practice is one of the most powerful, life-changing gifts I ever gave to myself and my loved ones are seeing the benefits—because they get a healthier, livelier, happier me. I can be the best version of myself for everyone around me.

My practice is simple—I have a yoga mat, a block and a space heater. They can be found at any sporting goods store, department store or online. Once in a while I grab a strap (which I’m learning to love more and more) or some blankets to use as a bolster for longer holds and restorative poses, but none of those have been necessary to my daily practice.

Maintaining a home practice can be tough until a good routine is established, but the pay offs are innumerable.

Here are nine tips that help me maintain consistency in my home practice:  …

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