13 Books That’ll Take Your Sex Life to New Heights (GQ.com)

“Lauren Fogel, Angel Kalafais-Russell and Emilia Song recommend Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life…

Come as You Are is about the neuroscience behind sexual desire and arousal. It explains the processes in our brains that contribute to the way we experience lust, orgasm, and sexual intimacy, and challenges the notion that sex is a drive. Don’t judge this book by it’s bright pink, vaginal cover. Despite being written for a female audience, there’s something in this book for literally everyone. I recommend this to clients and colleagues, who have all received it with rave reviews. The information in this book will completely transform the way you think about sex and relationships, and as a bonus, Dr. Nagoski has just released a corresponding workbook! This book is foundational for anyone engaging in sexual or romantic relationships—no matter their gender, sexual orientation, or relationship style.”

Angel Kalafatis-Russell is a sex and relationship educator, author, HIV/STI prevention specialist, and scientist….


To read the rest of the piece and see all 13 books head over to the story at GQ.com

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