What is Professor Sex

Professor Sex is pleasure-based, empirically-backed, medically accurate, anti-racist sex education with an intended adult audience. This means that, among other goals, we celebrate sexual variety and fluidity. We prioritize education that is affirming (not just inclusive) of queer and marginalized sexual identities/communities/behaviors (i.e., non-heteronormative, non-mononormative, non-procreative; aka: queer, kink/BDSM positive, fetish positive, non-monogamous, pleasure positive). We believe sex should never be compulsory, and people should always have the choice to engage in sex that provides them pleasure. Consent is a core foundation of our message, and discussions about consent may also include discussions about rape and assault. We believe in challenging assumptions about sexual orientation, behavior, and identity.

We believe in a holistic view of sexuality and sexual activism that actively includes dismantling oppressive systems of power like patriarchy and white supremacy. Because marginalized identities have been heavily politicized and institutionally oppressed, we believe it’s impossible to ignore political issues while engaging in responsible sex education and discussion around this. We ascribe to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definitions of sexual health, sexuality, and sexual rights. For more on this visit their website here.

The list of things you can reasonably expect from Professor Sex content includes, but are not limited to, frank and varied discussions or depictions of the following: sexuality, sexual pleasure, explorations of sex and gender expression and identity, healthy and unhealthy relationships, disruption of the status quo, consent, sexual assault/sexual violence, trauma, sexism, racism, bigotry, oppression, health, and human rights. Also, there’s cursing.  
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Who is Professor Sex

Angel Russell, MS, CSE (they/them)
AKA: Professor Sex
Research Sexologist
Chief Operations Officer for Tickle Life
Creator and Creative Director at Eleven Stag Productions
Director of Sex and Gender Education for PFLAG of Jacksonville
Honorary ONE Condoms Penis Size Specialist

“It’s always exciting to see emerging stars in the field of sexuality education taking the torch and running with it! Angel Kalafatis-Russell is one such up and coming professional to watch, reaching the next generation of students in new and meaningful ways.”

-Bill Taverner 
Chief Editor, American Journal of Sexuality Education

Angel is a queer, non-binary, Board-Certified Sex Educator, research sexologist, experienced sexual assault victims advocate, and author. Angel has recently been named Chief Operations Officer for Tickle.Life, a global sexual wellbeing discovery platform. They are also Director of Sex and Gender Education and the creator of the SAGE Program for PFLAG of Jacksonville. Angel has more than 10 years’ experience as a sexuality educator and they have a Masters of Science in Psychological Science from the University of North Florida. Their research interests focus on the intersections between social and personality psychology, particularly as they relate to non-heteronormative, non-mononormative sexual identity, orientation, and behavior. In 2019 their research on Individual Differences in Coming Out as LGBT+ received a professional paper award nomination from Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA). Angel is a member of the Community Sexual Health Education and Research Initiative (CSHERI), a collaborative group of researchers, community stakeholders, community agencies, and sexuality professionals working together to conduct research and programming in the area of sexual health. Angel is a sexuality education provider for the Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health. In addition, Angel is on the editorial board for the Journal of Counseling Sexology & Sexual Wellness: Research, Practice, and Education. Angel’s work was recently included in Teaching Safer Sex – Abridged Edition, a curriculum developed by the Center for Sex Education. Find Angel in the Kink and Polyamory Professionals Directory from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Angel is passionate about social justice issues and creating a community that celebrates individuality while fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity. They’re an avid coffee drinker, reader, and consumer of podcasts. Angel also enjoys yoga and meditation, writing, and spending time with their partners, their pets, and their two insanely awesome children. 

Jerry “Jailor” Schutjer (he/him)
Social Media Moderator
The Thor who yeilds our Ban-Hammer

Jerry “Jailor” Schutjer (he/him) helps moderate the Professor Sex business and discussion Facebook pages. He helps ensure that both places are as inclusive as possible so people from every community has a safe space to learn and express themselves. He’s active in the Atlanta-area polyamorous community, having chaired the Relationship Equality Foundation nonprofit for two years and helped organize Atlanta Poly Weekend for five years. He’s currently an organizer for RelateCon-Atlanta. In his spare time he’s a singer-songwriter and facilitates many social events for his local community. He’s married with three stepchildren, two puppies, and two cats.

Steve Russell (he/him)
Co-Creator, Educator, Video and Podcast Producer
Tech Genius Upon Whom We All Depend
Brains of the Operation
Creator and Producer at Eleven Stag Productions
Director of Production for Tickle.Life

Steven Russell (he/him) is the proud husband of Professor Sex (Angel Russell) and step-dad to their dog, cats, and humans. During the day he’s a mild mannered government IT Engineer, but when not babysitting servers and writing automation scripts he serves as Professor Sex’s video director, cinematographer, editor, sound man, producer, gaffer, co-event planner, spokesperson, condom and lube packaging specialist, and all around cheerleader. In his otherwise off-time he also enjoys woodworking, leather working, video games, reading, and general gadgetry and coding.