I am currently under superivision with an AASECT (American Association of Sexual Educators Counselors & Therapists) Clinical Supervisor in the process of becoming a Certified Sexuality Educator

I am now accepting  clients for private coaching and education  at greatly reduced rates to satisfy the requirements for my contact hours for this certificaiton. 

If you are one of the following... 

  • Individuals or Couples/Polycules seeking personalized sex and relationship education
  • Folks seeking dating advice or help writing online dating profiles
  • Individuals seeking support and resources for issues of sexual orientation or gender
  • Mental health professionals or physicians seeking professional consultation and collaboration
  • Teachers and instructors seeking guest speakers or guidance for classroom settings (adult learning or K-12)
  • Parents looking for advice and education about age and developmentally appropriate ways to talk to children about sex, gender, identity, and relationships
  • Individuals in BDSM or power exchange relationships looking for support and guidance
  • Someone with questions about sexual health, pleasure and intimacy looking for information and resources

...please reach out to me using the CONTACT form or send an email to You can also reach out to me using any of the social media links included.

To request a copy of my CV or other information, please use the CONTACT form.

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